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Two fascinating facts about Japan!

Updated: May 7, 2021

Japan has a rich, complex, and varied history. These complexities have created such a fascinating culture today, it has the 10th highest population in the world although it’s a moderate size country.

Japan is a country with incredible mountain scenery, one of the world’s most chaotic & visited cities (Tokyo), a long history of culture & tradition, and of course incredible cuisine with authentic sushi everywhere you go.

There are plenty of things in Japanese culture that you might not know about until you’ve visited Japan. When u visit Japan there are several rules and traditions that one must be aware about. It’s always better to have an insight of the place you’re planning to visit.

Onsen – A wonderful Experience

An onsen is a Japanese traditional bath, usually found in regions with natural hot springs. Honestly no stay in Japan is complete without going to an onsen, it is one of the most relaxing experience. Kusatsu Onsen is one of the most popular hot spring resorts in Japan.

Other types of baths :-

#Sento - These are different from onsen in the sense that they are composed of heated tap water instead of special minerals.

#Dai-yokujo - It refers to bath at a hotel, it may or may not be onsen i.e. containing special minerals.

#Utase-yu – Onsen in which water falls down like a waterfall. People usually sit under waterfalls to enjoy such bathes.

Vending Machines – Almost Everywhere!

Japan has a reputation for the weirdest and most wonderful vending machines. Japan has one of the highest vending machine densities in the world. They can be found in huge numbers in train stations and on street corners all around the city.  A restaurant in Tokyo has installed a vending machine at the front of its shop that it regularly fills with burgers. If you have no time to order, simply drop in some coins and be rewarded with a fresh burger. A majority of these machines sell non-alcoholic beverages such as soft drinks, juice, energy drinks etc for a fairly reasonable price.


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