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Product Design & Packaging Graphics

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Yasir Mansoor
Project Manager - Workforce Stake LLC

"I have worked with DIVE International for a little more than 2 years and am very pleased with their performance. The organization is very professional, talented and helpful in their work on our web portal. We are constantly impressed by their technical expertise and work ethic, they always make an extra effort to ensure our requirements are met by going to great lengths to not only solve problems, but also suggest improvements beyond the scope of the task. The communication is excellent as well, with daily progress updates and periodic Skype sessions to demonstrate the progress. I gladly recommend DIVE International to others."

Prajwal Swami
Student & Entrepreneur

"One of the best Branding services out there. Very understanding customer support. They will assist you in all and any related queries. Definitely will recommend to anyone relating to their services."

Rohan Chaudhary.jpg
Rohan Chaudhary
Founder - Sigma Techno Pvt. Ltd.

"As an aspiring entrepreneur, I came to DIVE International with a mockup and a dream. They took my PowerPoint mockup and in a week delivered a live working website along with a mobile version. The process was a lot easier than I had expected as the team I was assigned was very capable. My lack of experience with application development and web technologies was less of an issue because of their knowledge. They were extremely professional, friendly, and easy to work with. I am so glad that I took a chance on DIVE because now I have a working website that I was only dreaming about a couple months before I found them. I would recommend them without hesitation."

Young Woman with Mask
Jeniffer Straut
Clothing Reseller

"Exceptional experience! Dive International is a friendly and knowledgeable team of professionals, I enjoyed working with them and I will be back for business, and stay in touch as a friend. definitely will recommend their service!"

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