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Malta, the Island in the Heart of the Mediterranean!

Malta is an island which is situated in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. It is a beautiful island which is famous for its high temperatures in summer, and for its Maltese cuisine. However unfortunately, there are still many people worldwide that are not aware of this island.

Basically Malta makes part of the Maltese Islands including Comino, Gozo, Manoel Island, St. Paul’s Islands, Filfla and Cominotto. It is estimated that 430,000 people live on this island. The official language of Malta is Maltese. Malta claimed its independence on the 21st of September, 1964.

In summer the temperature rises higher than 20˚C/68˚F (sometimes even reaching 30˚C/86˚F !) and it is mostly always sunny which attracts a lot of tourists. Many tourists also enjoy visiting Malta to try the Maltese food mentioning the famous ‘pastizzi’, the delicious rabbit sew, the tasty bigilla and the mouthwatering Maltese platter.

One must not forget to mention the Maltese pastry which is made by love and dedication.

Tourists also come to Malta to see its history and the beautiful cities that have a particular story linked with the culture or has to do with the war. Some cities that each tourist must visit include:


This village is located in the southern part of Malta. Marsaxlokk is well known as the village of fisherman. In fact this is the largest fishing village in Malta. If a person would like to spend a relaxing, quiet night while eating a fresh well-cooked fish or an ice-cream, Marsaxlokk is the ideal place one has to visit.


Valletta is the capital city of Malta and was built in the year 1566. This city was named after the Maltese Grand Master of Order of St. John, Jean Parisot de la Valette. Valletta is one of the many cities in Malta that is well known for its history. Famous places found in Valletta include the Upper Barrack Gardens, the Southern Barrack Gardens, the Con-Cathedral of St. John and many more.

Bormla, Birgu and Isla

Bormla, Birgu and Isla together are known as the Three Cities. Birgu is also referred as Vittoriosa, Isla is also known as Senglea whilst Bormla is also known as Cospicua. These three cities are known for their history too and for the beauty they behold.


Mdina was the former-capital city before Valletta was declared as the official capital city of Malta. Mdina is also known as the ‘Silent City’ and a city with a lot of history. One of the reasons why it is declared as silent city is due to the fact that no vehicles are allowed in this city except for vehicles of residents, wedding cars, emergency vehicles and horses. This city is also well known for its narrow streets, as they served as a barrier to foreigners during the war so it will be hard for them to catch or kill people.


Gozo is an island which makes part of the Maltese islands. It is also a known as the Isle of Calypso. Its well-known for its beaches and places of interests including the Ġgantija Neolithic temples, the Ramla Bay and the Azure Window (which unfortunately collapsed in the year 2017). Gozo is also a perfect place for a holiday, where one can stay in a peaceful quiet environment away from the daily hectic life.

If you are a person who is willing to travel, and not sure which country to visit, I would recommend Malta! The reason is simple, it is a place where you learn a lot about the its history, an enjoy the tasty Maltese food especially the mouthwatering ‘Pastizzi’ and experience the hot temperature in Summer and enjoy the lovely beaches!

Make sure that visiting Malta will be one of the things in your bucket list!!



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