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Samina Lambe | How God took over the reigns of my life!

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

"The horse prepares for the battle but victory comes from the Lord." -- Proverbs 21:31, Holy Bible.

And I'm that horse who never prepared and still basked in God's victory.

Am I boasting? Never. I have nothing to boast about except God.

A perfect script straight out of a movie: An inter-religious love marriage-parents start building everything from scratch-both working themselves sore to make ends meet. And here is where I come in. As a kid, I would pick sides between mom and dad and mom's faith and dad's faith. And if I were with the neighbours, I'd get involved in their totally different rituals.

Mom did try to teach me about Jesus and His love. Someday I even accepted what she said but didn't completely give my heart to Jesus. If I was praying to God and dad came into the room, I'd quickly get up and behave as if I wasn't. I wasn't faithful but God was.Phew!!! I sure am thankful to God for that. In all my growing years and mostly unsuccessful ones at that, He patiently waited and preserved me. I went through choosing friends over God and family, stealing money from parents to spend with friends or just for junk food indulgences, being first hand witness to horrible fights, being in an excellent English school but never really excelling at anything except crying into the pillow at nights or obsessive day-dreaming with still one page of my study book open since hours to let mom think I'm studying. This went on into my teenage years and I was getting no where.

Mom used to go to a Tamil service church and I started going with her just to give her company even though I didn't understand the language. That's where God took over the reigns of my life since I stepped into His sanctuary. I gave my life to God sincerely and was baptized just after finishing 12th standard. And that truly is where my life took a sharp turn for the best. I started trusting in God in everything.

I was now in BSc first year. I took part in inter-collegiate competitions with barely little preparation and being informed just one or two days prior. Yet I won back-to-back prizes. In one particular week that year, I set a hat-trick by winning in three different colleges. This shy ordinary girl was achieving such extraordinary feats not because she was talented but because the Lord who she gave her life to was her source of talent. Whatever she did prospered. Once I went to this state level competition which was not even remotely related to me. I came back home dejected not only because I saw many excellent people in that competition but also because I suffered silent long pauses and stammered relentlessly during my turn.

That evening I didn't want to go back for the live TV coverage prize distribution since I wasn't expecting even the consolation prize. But my mom forced me into going there and gave me company. My surprise was so evident when they called my name for 1st prize, that the walk on stage, the handshake, the collection of the prize and the walk back to my seat was all in a daze. I just couldn't believe it. The victory truly belonged to God and not to this horse.This is just one of the many incidents that manifest God's presence and hand in my life.

I didn't have marks worth looking at and yet got admission for MSc in one of the best colleges of Mumbai. Sounds like co-incidence? Well there were so many meritorious students in the same hall as I was beside whom I wouldn't even dare to stand with marks like mine during the admission process and I didn't come in any minority or any other quota either. And yet the top college admission came to me. I never ever asked for jobs but got asked to come and work with organisations even before my final year results were out.

When I was young, I wrote a letter to God. Very specifically I wrote, "God please let me earn ₹40,000/- when I grow up" (Anyone would laugh at the amount I quoted). As the years passed by, I completely forgot about it. But God is faithful.

Jesus said, “Go home to your family, and tell them everything the Lord has done for you and how merciful he has been.” -- Mark 5:19, Holy Bible.

On 27th June 2019, God answered my letter way beyond my expectations and now I am getting more than what I asked God for in my childish abandon. I am still growing in the Lord and His Word,The Holy Bible. He helps me take one day at a time. Whenever I'm in situations, His Word that I read comes to my rescue and I'm able to handle things like I was born with talent. It's only God. Take Him out of me (which isn't really possible) and I'll be good for nothing and just a living zombie.

No fights at home, total peace, I kneel with pride and pray to God even in front of my dad. And praise God that my dad supports me too. Surely that day isn't far when me and my family will worship God together with one accord. The God who waits patiently for His children to return and accepts them when they do return no matter how horrible their deeds may have been by worldly standards. Praise God for freedom from guilt and condemnation. Praise God for overflowing love and peace. Praise God for Jesus: the source, root and reason for all good things.

"I want you all to know about the miraculous signs and wonders the Most High God has performed for me. " -- Daniel 4:2, Holy Bible.

Testimony by SAMINA LAMBE


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