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RJ Yolande Mendes – An Adroit Avid Learner!

After achieving a certification from Harvard World Records for the 'MOST CERTIFICATIONS ACHIEVED IN A LIFETIME', RJ Yolande Mendes did it again. This time she not only wanted to beat her own score by pulling off more certifications than before but she wanted to challenge herself to a new title in achieving the highest that she could in a day! 640 certificates were achieved in one single day where Yolande completed courses in multiple genres and created a record for ‘MOST CERTIFICATIONS ACHIEVED IN A DAY’ by an Individual on 3rd March 2023.

RJ Yolande Mendes based in Mumbai, India, is inspiring example of a multi-hyphenate working as a singer, voice-over artist, entrepreneur, digital marketing expert, life & career coach, and freelancer. She is known for being the queen-of-all-trades go-getter who focuses on building a lifestyle doing what she loves. “I simply love to pick up challenges to be a better version of myself every day. I am blessed and I want to make sure I make everyone who loves me proud of being a part of my journey. My family is my major support and have always encouraged me to live a life I want to and I cannot be doing it any better than I am right now!,” said Miss Mendes.

Yolande holds a Master of Business Administration from Ural Federal University and has completed more than 1813 licensed courses which include degrees, diplomas and certifications on subjects like digital marketing, business coaching, brand marketing, career coaching and counseling, design, e-mail and newsletter marketing, Google analytics, leadership, customer service, social media management, web development and more.

Known for being an Avid learner who is open to learning more skills, Yolande says her journey of keeping her skills up to date will continue and learning will always be a major part of her life’s journey!



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