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Canva: A purpose to give your BRAND beautiful visuals

Have you ever imagined not having any graphic content available on any social media platform? How would the digital world survive without any graphical content? Would any business persist without any visual promotions? I can’t even Imagine… I believe graphic designing is the master key to promote any business on every social media platform in the 21st century as it is nearly impossible for the business to persevere without it.

So where can I build graphical representations for my Brand if I am not trained to use High end tools that designers do? Canva is the answer to this! It is an ideal platform to design very compelling visuals for emerging business ideas. A tool like Canva does more than a perfect job to help you create visual content for your business and helps with the graphical planning and representations to contribute to the growth of your Brand.

Many of us are aware of adobe photoshop (PSD) and adobe illustrator (AI) as the main tools used for graphic designing but some might find it a bit difficult to use if not trained to handle them properly. Unlike other tools available that might be tedious to use, Canva has got an extremely user-friendly interface to help you create graphics you wish to design for free. Moreover, it also has a paid version with access to better elements, effects and templates at a very minimal cost. The best part of this tool is that you can customize their ready to use templates which will help you create mesmerizing graphics in the size you need for whatever you require. These designs are sure to catch the eye of your audience making them aware of your Brand Message and giving your Brand a Voice.

Here are the Top 3 reasons why you should use Canva for your Business:

1. Create a Brand Identity from scratch with Canva

Giving a name and design representation to a Business to make it a Brand is very important and Canva helps to achieve the perfect visually compelling Logo that will draw the client’s attention, It will be the face of your Brand and get you the business you need attracting the client base you want to achieve as a Business Owner. Canva also provides various fonts and color schemes that help your brand logo to stand out as unique from all your competitors and achieve a wow look attracting viewers and getting them to know this is what they were looking for! Canva Pro has incredible features that will allow you to design the best graphics as you want with more tools to access however you don’t need to pay to use Canva, consider starting with a Free account here: CLICK TO SIGN UP FOR A FREE ACCOUNT NOW!

2. Create anything and everything with Canva

Canva says don’t just stop at creating a Logo for your business, lets create graphical content needed for your brand – Images, Content, Videos and Graphics that will interact with your audience, from Letter Heads to Business Cards, from T-shirt Designs to Stationary, Social Media Posts to Flyers and even Website Elements. You name it and Canva has it. You will be able to find more than 200,000 templates that will help you create the best graphics without paying any extra amount. You can create almost everything with your efforts and your visualization using the Free Version. Whereas, Canva pro gives you access to more than 60 million templates including various templates, images, illustrations, logos, fonts, and icons. Canva’s user-friendly interface helps to upload and download without any hassle. So what are you waiting for? CLICK TO SIGN UP FOR A FREE ACCOUNT NOW!

3. Design and schedule posts with Canva

Upraise your content on all social medias platform by considering any digital download that you may need, style any template with your Brand Logo and colours and create a unique item ready to be posted on any date you’d like on the desired platform. Then create schedules and manage everything right from the app itself. Boost your brand and business with a professional touch. Create marketing graphics and use resizing for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and many more for promotional advantages. CLICK HERE to start now!

5 top Features and Benefits that Canva provides making it a WOW tool:

1. Fonts that will make your graphics appealing

Choose from a variety of different fonts from the Canva free list or pro version and you can also add your own fonts if you need. Add slogans and taglines to your graphics by choosing the fonts that represent your brand and that’s literally going to add the X factor to it making it stand out as super unique and elegant.

2. Templates for better designs

Don’t have time to create graphics from scratch in a short span of time? No problem, there are millions of templates available to design within a few minutes which allows you to edit readily available graphics by just changing a few colors and a few words. Choose the templates that are available on Canva and create informative graphics, announcements and advertisements in no time.

3. Animation and stickers for quick attention

With Canva stickers and animation you can make your graphics more interesting which will catch the eyes of your target audience immediately. Grabbing the attention of your audience is always a great marketing strategy and by creating elegant animations that brings your graphics to life will be a splendid idea to add value to your advertisements.

4. Resize and Revamp for redefining options

Already have a few graphics you made? Need some more? Want to create a more modernized theme for your posts? Don’t worry, you can redefine your graphic post by simply editing the image, re-sizing it as per your requirements and re-vamp it by creating a much better version, mix and match with templates and create magnificent posts for your website or any social media account which only gets better with experience using different tools and options presented by Canva.

5. High-quality content for an enhanced look

Infographics visually represent the data or information of a brand. The visual representation of the Infographics helps to understand what a post is trying to convey to the audience and so it is very important that all your content is clear and of great quality. And not just infographics, anything that you create on Canva can be downloaded and resized to fit your needs in High Definition be it a PNG, PDF, PPT and many more formats.

These are a few reasons why I love using Canva for most of my graphics and I am sure you will too!

I proudly hold a CHAMPION’S BADGE from Canva and so I would proudly say, don’t wait and think of starting tomorrow, Grab the offer now: CLICK TO SIGN UP FOR A FREE ACCOUNT TODAY!

Canva is such an easy tool but always remember some things are amazingly handled by experts who already hold experience in using such tools. Hiring an expert will not only save you the trouble of building the graphics yourself but will also save you time on brainstorming what would work best for your Brand and so if you’d like to hire an expert Canva Designer to handle your Branding do get in touch with our team at DIVE International who would love to assist you today! CLICK HERE to connect with an expert from to discuss details.



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